Buffalo City Council Meets

Members of the Buffalo City Council met Monday, July 25th, for their regular monthly meeting. All were present except Trustee Glenn Hightower. Buffalo Mayor Royce Dawkins presided.

Attending the meeting were Linda and Paul Wells who have been Buffalo residents for 20 years. L. Wells addressed the council briefly. The Wells said they have loved the city of Buffalo and are happy to be living here. They thanked the council for recent road improvement where they live. The Wells also presented Police Chief Lance with a check as a donation saying, ?We want the police here to know that we ?Back the Blue.??

Once again the topic of zoning for the city of Buffalo was on the agenda. All agree that not having zoning is keeping some businesses from coming into the city. It was decided to ask the BVCOG to do a feasibility study on zoning the city.

Also on the agenda from last month?s meeting was the need to upgrade the Buffalo City Hall. The city can use money from the Hotel/Motel Tax Fund for this if the building also includes a tourist information Center or a Civic Center.

Council members discussed redoing the existing building, remodeling the Civic Center to make it into a city hall and a civic center, or purchasing some other building and remodeling it, or purchasing property and build a new facility. Trustees Martin Housler and Travis Crowder were appointed as a committee to study all the options and report back to the council on what they determine is the best plan.

BEDC President Ken Jones reported to the council on projects that BEDC has completed for the year and projects that are currently underway. ?The largest goal was to help promote sporting events to be held in Buffalo. We probably won?t get a Toyota plant here, but we can bring people into Buffalo for these tournaments.?

Jones estimated the recent tournament that involved 16 teams brought in $40,000 to $50,000 to Buffalo in increased sales at restaurants and convenience stores as well as the motel rooms that were rented. Jones said that BEDC in the last 5 years has put about $1,000,000 back into the city. ?I couldn?t have a better board or a better city council to work with,? said Jones.

One trustee said she had been impressed with the opening ceremonies when after the National Anthem was played there was a fireworks display followed by a helicopter fly over. ?Some in the crowd asked how does a small town like Buffalo have such nice facilities.? All agreed it took long work and determination on many people?s part.

The Certified Taxable Value of Buffalo for 2016 is $89,214,668. This is up about five million from last year. Council members believe the increase probably comes from the addition of Tractor Supply and Pilot Travel Center to the city.

The council passed a city ordinance concerning the Alcohol Beverage Permit. With this ordinance the city will be allowed to keep 50% of the permit fee for businesses serving or selling alcohol after their 3rd year in business.

The agenda item concerning House Bill 157 was tabled.