Buffalo Police Receive Thanks

Buffalo Police Chief Lance Pavelka gave the monthly report of the Buffalo Police Department to the city council Monday, July 25th.

Pavelka told the council of a recent visit to his office by Paul Marshall. Marshall was passing through Buffalo and wanted to meet the chief and thank him for the good police work done by Buffalo to help apprehend and help bring to justice the person who admitted to being responsible for the death of his daughter. Marshall left a check with Pavelka and a request that the chief take his officers to lunch for Marshall.

Colt Morgan was arrested in Buffalo by Buffalo Police Officers after a foot race led by Officer Rigo Mata in December of 2013. Morgan had been hiding in the Buffalo area for about three weeks after a warrant for his arrest in the death of his girlfriend, Wende Marshall was issued in Houston.

For a time, city, county and state law enforcement agencies searched the area for Morgan and found places he had camped or hidden. But finally, after no additional sitings of him, law officials concluded Morgan must have left the area. Later, an alert Buffalo citizen spotted Morgan in a building on the property of one of the local motels. The citizen called the police and the arrest was made quickly.

Morgan, who pled guilty to the murder, was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Paul Marshall told Chief Pavelka that his family had not wanted to go through a trial and were satisfied with the sentencing.

Pavelka said there were 90 calls for service this past month including one assault causing bodily injury, two possessions of a controlled substance, and one assault to a Peace Officer. The department issued 135 citations.

Pavelka said he is still hearing from residents each month who have fallen victim to a phone scam. Even though Pavelka asks the newspapers each month to report on the scams, most of the victims he hears from do not read the newspapers. ?Please tell your neighbors and friends who don?t take the newspapers about this serious problem.?