Sunday, June 16, 2019

Welcoming Mayor Jones

MAYOR JONES & FAMILY -- Buffalo Jamboree and Dance hosted by Parthena Newsom welcomes newly elected Mayor of Buffalo, Jerrod Jones and his family on Saturday night, June 8th. Pictured are Stephen and Patricia Jones, Emry and Kody. Standing, Sam Jones, Parthena Newsom and Mayor Jerrod Jones. Everyone enjoyed BBQ and all the trimmings.

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Welcome to Buffalo: Sisters Zahida & Olga

Sisters Zahida and Olga

Right in the heart of Buffalo, are two very interesting sisters who came from Germany to this country many years ago, raised a family, became citizens,and have now moved to our community with all their talents, interests, and outgoing, friendly nature. Buffalo welcomes Zahida Halilovic and Olga Medic.

Zahida moved to the Dallas area in 1993 with her husband and five children under President Clinton’s Refugee Program. They were sponsored by the Catholic Charities who moved them to Houston where work and housing was available. While her husband worked, Fahida supplemented the family by cleaning homes for the next eighteen years. All the children are now grown, married, and doing well.

Olga, stayed behind when her sister moved to the States and worked at an American Army Commissary where she cooked for eleven years for the soldiers who were stationed overseas. “The soldiers took my heart,” said Olga who learned to speak English while still in Germany.

Then Zahida met some hard times when her husband became ill. She cared for him for several years until he passed away. Following that, Zahida suffered a heart attack. That is when Olga found a way to come to America. “I had to help my sister,” said Olga. “She is a wonderful lady, a good mother, and was a good partner to her husband.”

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2019 Leon County Property Revaluations

The Leon Central Appraisal District released notices of valuation for the 2019 property tax year to be mailed this week. These notices include a complete revaluation of approximately 95% of all the properties within the county, and include some very substantial increases in valuation in certain areas. The purpose of the notice is to give the property owner a chance to review their appraised value for 2019.

Mostly unknown to the typical taxpayer each year the Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD) of the State Comptroller’s Office conducts a property value study of each school district in Leon County. The study involves a comparison between the appraisal district’s values to the actual sales price of properties that have sold, or to the value estimated by a State Field Appraiser. When the ratio determined by comparing the sales price/state appraisal to the value certified by the district is less than 95% for a category, a penalty to that school district will be assessed if that condition exists for two or more consecutive years. All properties are intended to be appraised at 100% of market value.

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State Rodeo Finals

STATE RODEO FINALS -- Miss Bradi Freeman won 3rd place in Breakaway Roping at the Junior High State Rodeo Finals held in Gonzalez, TX. Bradi qualified for State in Poles, Goat Tying, and Breakaway Roping. Bradi is 14 and will be a freshman at Rice High School in Eagle Lake, Texas. She will be cheering with her sister Brinlee who will be a senior. Brinlee qualified for High School State Rodeo that is being held this week in Abilene, TX. Bradi and Brinlee are the daughters of David and Anessa Freeman and the granddaughters of Brian and Patricia (Sissy) Freeman of Buffalo.

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71 Years

71 YEARS -- Mr. Eldon Waters (Uncle Eldon to so many) received a plaque for attending the Waters Reunion for 71 years. The 2019 Waters Family Reunion was held on Saturday, June 1st, at the Buffalo Civic Center.

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Annual Waters Reunion

ANNUAL WATERS REUNION -- The Annual Waters Reunion was held Saturday, June 1, 2019 at the Buffalo Civic Center. Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal and fellowship.

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