Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Leon County Commissioner Chokes, Punches Wife During Fight, Court Records Say

Leon Co. Commissioner William Dean Stanford

A Leon County Commissioner pleaded guilty Tuesday to a domestic violence charge after choking and punching his wife in March, according to court records.

In an interview with a Leon County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant, Commissioner William Dean Stanford’s wife said that on March 25 around 9 p.m., she and Stanford got into an argument, according to court records. Court documents said she had Stanford’s cellphone and he tried to get it from her. The victim said Stanford “flung her into a wall then threw her down onto the floor where she hit her head,” according to documents. The victim said while she was on the floor, Stanford got on top of her, choked her until she started passing out, and then punched her on the side of her left eye, documents said. According to court records, the victim said one of Stanford’s blows “made things go black for a second.” She said Stanford punched her in the jaw and she believed it might have been broken or dislocated, court documents said.

The victim said that when Stanford was on top of her choking her, she was “frantically trying to grab at him to stop and she grabbed his shirt and pulled it until the buttons popped off,” according to court records.

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Leon County Commissioner Will Keep Job After Beating Up Wife

The Leon County Commissioner who pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge after choking and punching his wife in March will keep his job, officials said Friday.

Because Commissioner William Dean Stanford pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor instead of the initial felony charge, he was able to keep his seat.

At a county commissioner’s meeting, officials said voters can ask for Stanford’s resignation, but he is not required to give up his job.

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Cassie Ferguson Named Leon County 4-H Agent

4-H AGENT -- Buffalo’s Cassie Ferguson is welcomed by the Leon Commissioners Court as the new Leon County 4-H Agent. Ferguson will take over the position in January 2019.

Leon County Commissioners met Friday, October 12th, for their first regular meeting of the month. Commissioner Dean Stanford, who recently plead guilty to a charge of domestic abuse, was not present. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided. No mention was made of Stanford’s absence.

A news reporter from KCENTV of Temple was present and, after the court adjourned, asked the judge and other commissioners about Stanford’s absence. The judge and commissioners declined to respond other than to say they did not know why Stanford was not in court.

Judge Ryder introduced Tammie Sanders to the court and audience. Sanders is currently training to become the assistant to the judge. Cassandra Noey, who has been Ryder’s assistant, was elected to serve as District Clerk and will take over those duties in January. Everyone welcomed Sanders.

The court voted to approve Cassie Ferguson for the 4-H position. Ferguson, will begin to take over that office in Leon County on January 2. Laura Petty who currently holds the 4-H position will transfer to the Family Community Health position.

Ferguson is a graduate of Buffalo High School and Texas A&M and she was an active member of the Leon County 4-H program as a student. Ferguson is the daughter of Commissioner David Ferguson and Carolyn Ferguson. Speaking to the court, Ferguson said she was very excited to return home and work for Leon County and to work with her mentors Laura Petty and Wendy Neyland.

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Okoro Sentenced

Donald Okoro was sentenced to serve 30 years in the Texas Department of Corrections Jail by District Judge Deborah Oakes Evans in the Leon County Courtroom, Tuesday, October 2nd. Okoro accepted a plea bargain the day a jury had been called for his trial. The plea offer had been made months ago by Leon District Attorney Hope Knight. Okoro was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. The attorney for Okoro was Clay Conrad.

The plea agreement came from Okoro as a jury was being selected to hear the trial in his case. After waiting several hours, the pool of citizens present for the jury selection were dismissed.

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Annie Mae’s BBQ, Burgers & More

ANNIE MAE’S BBQ, BURGERS, & MORE -- Tiffany Deal, Billie Jo Deal, Shirley Vaughn, and Teri Schlabach. Not pictured is Billie Jo’s husband and Head BBQ Technician Richard Deal.

Fourteen years ago, one of Buffalo’s hometown success stories, Vaughn’s Beef & Burger Barn, closed its doors for good. Well now, that pit smoked BBQ and flavorful homemade sauce (Sassy Sauce) is back!

Billie Joe Deal, sister of Shirley Vaughn (Owner of “The Burger Barn”) has taken some of her sister’s best recipes and combined them with some of her own to bring Buffalo an all new hometown success.

Annie Mae’s BBQ, Burgers, & More, her business and life-long dream, is named after their mother Annie Mae Brown (aka “Mom Brown”) who helped out at Vaughn’s Beef and Burger Barn for years. Annie Mae’s is currently family operated in a mobile food trailer.

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New City Hall Now Open

BUFFALO CITY HALL -- Buffalo’s new City Hall and Civic Center is open and operating! The facility is a roomy and modern home for Buffalo’s civic needs. Tentative plans are being discussed for an open house in December.

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