Monday, March 18, 2019

Jacob Curry Sentenced to 30 Years TDC

Jacob Glenn Curry

Jacob Glenn Curry plead guilty, Thursday, February 28th, to two counts of Indecency With a Child and one count of Sex Abuse of a Child, Continuous: Victim Under the Age of 14. The plea was accepted in District Court presided over by District Judge Michael Davis who sentenced Curry to 30 years in the Texas Department of Corrections. The attorney for Curry was Christopher Grier.

Curry’s first appearance in the Centerville courtroom was in July of 2018 when he appeared for a Motion to Reduce Bail. The judge heard testimony from Leon County Chief Investigator Victor Smith at that time concerning Curry. The judge denied the request for bond reduction.

Curry, who was under investigation for sexual allegations against a child, fled the area after a warrant was issued for his arrest in April of 2018. Smith testified to the coordinated efforts of several law enforcement agencies to locate Smith who was eventually found in the Baytown area and brought back to face the charges in Leon County.

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ARCIT Meets at Capital

ARCIT -- Judge Mike Sutherland (Burleson County), Judge Trey Duhon (Waller County), Judge Steve Young (Milam County), Judge Byron Ryder (Leon County), Judge Don Allred (Oldham County), Judge Tony Leago (Madison County), Judge Hoppy Haden (Caldwell County), Judge Robert Johnston (Anderson County).

The Association of Rural Communities in Texas (ARCIT) held a meeting in Austin, Texas at the Capitol on February 28, 2019, with several Legislators and Associations to assess what is going on currently during the Legislative Session and how we can help the process. During the meeting we met with Rep. Trent Ashby, Rep. Cecil Bell, Rep. Andrew Murr, Senator Seliger, and Senator Buckingham along with the Texas Association of County, and the general Counsel of the Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas. One of the main issues at this point is school funding. It is a very critical component to be worked out, so Legislators will know the direction the rest of the session will take. Nothing is concrete yet, but they have heard from a lot of school administrators about this issue and how it might be done.

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Undefeated Season

UNDEFEATED -- This Buffalo Little Dribblers team went undefeated this season. Pictured are (back) Parker Ayres, Blaine McVeay, Carter Maddox, Angel Nunez, Myles Mizell, (front) Camden Maddox, Wyatt Stennett, Adrian Sandante. Coaches are Randy Ayres, Dennis Hartley, and Cole McVeay. Also pictured is Moon McVeay.

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Buffalo Chamber Of Commerce Meets

Directors of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce met Thursday, February 28th, for their regular monthly meeting. President Elizabeth Ferrari presided for the first time since she was elected to office.

Director Tommy Neyland gave a report of his and several other Leon County residents trip to Austin to meet with Representative Trent Ashby and Senator Charles Schwertner, see the Legislative in session, and to hear from four speakers. Topics discussed included the High Speed Rail, funding for state parks, and school finance. Neyand said he hoped the trip was the first of many.

A motion was made and approved to change the names on the bank signature cards to reflect the new officers for the Chamber. Ferrari’s name and Secretary/Treasurer Stacy McCeig’s name will be added.

A motion was tabled to assign a committee to study the Chamber’s by-laws until discussed further next month.

Sandy Hennesey volunteered to help Ferrari conduct a survey of Chamber Members to help determine the needs the Chamber can best address.

A request for $100 dollars to help the Haunted House event was denied.

A motion to compensate the Chamber Secretary’s overtime hours with comp time was tabled for more discussion.

Directors approved the donation of use of the Civic Center for the Buffalo ISD Kindergarten program on May 22nd.

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