Saturday, August 30, 2014

Students Head Back to School

Mrs. Little & MaKayla Payne

McKayla Payne is all pretty in pink and ready for Kindergarten with her teacher Mrs. Robin Little.

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Sheriff Kevin Ellis Holds Area Meeting

MEETING -- Sheriff Kevin Ellis holds an area meeting at the Buffalo Civic Center on August 21st.

Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis held an area meeting in Buffalo Thursday, August 21st, in the Buffalo Civic Center. This is the first of a series of meetings Ellis has scheduled for communities in Leon County.

The attendance was light, but the information was interesting and informative. Ellis introduced several of Leon County Deputies and Investigators who have worked hard to solve many of the local burglaries and robberies around the county.

“We have really been on a roll,” said Ellis. “We have received good tips and follow every lead.” Ellis contributed this to the fact that his deputies are out in the various communities and citizens know who they are and can approach them.

Ellis reported that the Leon County Jail is almost at full capacity with 42 inmates currently held on a variety of charges.

“I am very proud of our officers,” said Investigator Brent Walter. “They often come in when they are off duty to run search warrants or arrest warrants.”

Investigator Skip Young announced the reorganization and start of Leon County Crime Stoppers on September 4th at noon on the Centerville Courthouse Square. “This is a nonprofit organization that is not part of the sheriff's department but works with the sheriff's office and the media to solve crimes.”

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Celebration at Flo Water Board

Directors of the Flo Community Water Supply Corporation (FCWSC) met Thursday, August 21st for their regular monthly meeting. All were present. President Richard Moran presided.

The directors happily and proudly celebrated the fact that a recent audit by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) of the FCWSC resulted in not one serious write up. FCWSC is in full compliance with TCEQ!

Asked if this has ever happened before, President Moran said, “Not in the eight years that I have been here.”

Field Manager Dorin Treadway of Concord Robbins said that the TCEQ auditor allowed that at one point, FCWSC had more problems than almost any water supply company in the state.

Moran contributed part of the success to the board's decision to ask Treadway to come aboard in April and prepare a list of all the areas that needed to be addressed before this audit. FCWSC worked to correct all on the list. The auditor said he was very impressed with the improvement since the last audit six years ago.

There was only one concern. The auditor noted that a wondering cow had managed to travel too close to one of the plants. Moran said that within 24 hours cattle panels were acquired and installed to keep cattle away from the plant.

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BHS Cheerleaders

2014-2015 BHS Cheerleaders

2014-2015 BHS CHEERLEADERS -- The 2014-2015 BHS Cheerleaders are ready for the season. Pictured are (front) Taryn Morman, Ima Champion, Kayla Hutchins, Kendall Morales, Ally Gaskins, Kynlee Driskill, Taylor Lack, (back) Erykah Anderson, Paige Shaw, Haley Martin, Jacie Jones, Taylor Shelton, Kassidy Bell, Shalyn Cotton, and “Bucky” Lauren Beshears.

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