Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Buffalo ISD Campuses Burglarized & Vandalized

VANDALIZED -- The Buffalo Junior High Lower Campus was broken into and burglarized/vandalized on Friday night, June 19th.

When administrators arrived to work at Buffalo ISD last Monday, June 22nd, they discovered that several buildings had been broken into and vandalized over the weekend.

The lower junior high campus received the most damage. Windows broken, items thrown around, and five fire extinguishers set off made it a long week for some Buffalo faculty/staff members who were left to clean up the mess. Cash, iPods, and snacks were also missing from the campus.

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Jesse & Gloria Ruiz Celbrate 50 Years

Gloria & Jesse Ruiz

Well loved Buffalo residents, Gloria and Jesse Ruiz were surprised on Saturday evening when they came home from an outing with friends and found a party was underway at their house! It was a celebration of Gloria and Jesse’s fiftieth anniversary together. The party was planned by their children, Johnny Ruiz and Michelle Grissett. And, according to Michelle, “with lots of help from family and friends.”

From the reactions of both Gloria and Jesse, the celebration was truly a surprise. “I never expected anything like this,” said Jesse. “How did they do it?” Lots of family and friends attended to wish them well and to listen to music and visit with one another.

Gloria & Jesse’s Story

Gloria Gonzales is the oldest daughter of a family of nine children. She grew up in a farmhouse near Donie. Sometimes the family traveled around the state to work and earn a living. Gloria was 17 years old when she went with her family to West Texas to pick cotton. That is where she first met Jesse Ruiz.

The Ruiz family was large also – they had 12 children. The family lived in Slaton, not far from Lubbock. The Ruiz family also did farm work, so that is how Gloria and Jesse’s paths first crossed.

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Leon County 4-H Camp

Leon County 4-H Camp

LEON COUNTY 4-H CAMP -- The Leon County 4-K Kids Camp stopped in at the Buffalo Animal Hospital on Thursday morning for a tour of the facility with Dr. Russell Jonas and his crew.

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Council Discusses Use of Hotel/Motel Fund

Members of the Buffalo City Council discussed the use of the Hotel/Motel Tax fund after viewing a request for monies from this account. All members except Member John Maneval were present for the monthly meeting, Monday, June 22nd. Buffalo Mayor Royce Dawkins presided.

Members decided to table a request from the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce for $40,000 from the Hotel/Motel Tax fund in order to prepare for the 2015 Buffalo Stampede. The same request from the Chamber of Commerce was tabled last month because the city had not been presented with a detailed post analysis account of the use of the funds that the Chamber was given for the 2014 Buffalo Stampede. Last year the Chamber received $40,000 form the City's Hotel/Motel Tax Fund.

Part of the requirement is for any group who requests and is granted funds from the Hotel/Motel tax account must present a detailed accounting after the event with receipts to show how the money was used. The money can only be used to promote tourism for the city – the money must “put heads in beds”. The idea is that when people outside of Buffalo are drawn here for an event and will spend the night in local hotels and possibly eat in local restaurants, purchase gas or other goods, etc, the money has helped Buffalo's economy.

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Commissioners Court Tackles Agenda

Members of the Leon County Commissioners Court met Wednesday, June 24th. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided.

After an executive session, Commissioners voted to hire Debra Reeder as the AgriLife Office Manager. It was not said as to when Ms. Reeder will start in that position.

Commissioners and Judge Ryder reminded the audience to attend the 4th of July celebration in Centerville. There will be a parade, fireworks, and all vendor locations have been booked. There will be a rodeo at the Expo. The rodeo will be a 3 day event.

Veterans Service Advocate Susan Maples was in court to request a donation to purchase items for the annual Fort Hood Baby Shower. The shower is planned for July 24th. Maples will purchase gift items for newborns up to age 2 and deliver them to Fort Hood.

Commissioners voted to donate $1,000 for the Fort Hood Baby Shower. Individuals wishing to donate money or gift items can do so at the Leon County Clerk's Office, Ernie's Pharm in Buffalo, and at Bobo's Nursery in between Jewett and Buffalo.

Judge Ryder also accepted a donation from NRG to be added to the Fort Hood Baby Shower account.

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Neal Allen Hunt

CAPTURED! -- Neal Allen Hall, an unregistered sex offender from Arkansas, was captured in Texarkana by the Texarkana Police Department last week. Hall was found in a homeless shelter and is thought to have stolen and wrecked a Harley Davidson motorcycle from that area. Hall had been living in the Buffalo/Jewett area for the past several months.

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