Sunday, August 30, 2015

Employee Fired at Flo Water Company

Elaine Graves

Several members of the Flo Community Water Supply Corporation (FCWSC) attended the monthly meeting held August 20th, and two individuals spoke of their concerns about the management at FCWSC.

Recent field employee Travis Williams was terminated from his position at FCWSC. Williams has a class C water license and has been employed by FCWSC for about 5 years.

Elaine Graves, whose husband (Joe Graves) is on the FCWSC Board of Directors spoke of her concern that the board act in a “fair and just manner.”

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HUD Commissioners Meet

Susan Wilder is sworn in by Buffalo City Secretary, as Commissioner for the Buffalo Housing Authority.

Commissioners of the Buffalo Housing Authority met Tuesday, August 18th, for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting was led by President Gary Danford. Those in attendance were Commissioners Karen Capio, Dorothy Frison, Sharon McKinney, Susan Wilder, and Preston Sanders. Absent were Commissioners Eddie Dawkins and Linda Amos.

Buffalo Police Officer Mata was not present to give the security report because he has been out of town taking classes. However, Executive Director Elaine Graves reported that Mata had said it was a quiet month with no serious disturbances.

Three units at the Housing Authority are currently being cleaned and repaired after the occupants moved out. The units will be made ready for other families in need of affordable housing. The list of people waiting for a house is long.

The Commissioners voted to upgrade the office at the Housing Authority. A new glass window will be installed, the floors cleaned, walls painted, and a new desk and storage will be added to the small office.

A motion to move the monthly meeting from the second Tuesday of the month to the third Tuesday of the month was approved. The monthly meetings are held at the Housing Authority at 4:30.

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Leon County Press Release

Jefferies, Leon

On 8/20/2015, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals, and Texas Department of Public Safety served a federal arrest warrant on Leon Jeffries, age 63, at his residence on County Road 278. Jeffries was indicted by a federal grand jury for selling Methamphetamines. During the arrest, officers located more Methamphetamine in his residence and two pistols. Ashley Pond, age 27, of Buffalo was also arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance. Jeffries was transported to federal holding in Waco, and Pond was transported to the Leon County Jail.

Sheriff Kevin Ellis

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