Friday, June 22, 2018

Member of the Month

MEMBER OF THE MONTH -- The Real Estate Company was named the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month. Pictured are Ed Chatterly, Ken Jones, Susan Wilder, Pat Ellison Williams ‘Owner’, Phillip Bounds, Jade, being held by Karen Jackson Capio of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce.

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Waters' Family Reunion

WATERS’ FAMILY REUNION -- The Annual Waters’ Family Reunion was held on Saturday, June 16th at the Buffalo Civic Center. See more photos next week.

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Court with Judge Evans

The 87th District Court was held, Friday, June 15th, in Centerville. The Honorable District Judge Deborah Oakes Evans presided over a long docket. Present to represent the state were Leon County District Attorney Hope Knight and Assistant District Attorney Keith Cook.


Lonnie Hornsby received a deferred sentence of 10 years after pleading guilty to a charge of Assault of a Public Servant. The attorney for Hornsby was John Bankhead.

Arthur Kemon Robinson plead guilty to a charge of Burglary of a Habitation and received a deferred sentence. Robinson, who has been held in the Leon County Jail, will also be required to pay fines and court costs. The attorney representing Robinson was John Bankhead.

Albert Myua Jacobs was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to a charge of Assault Family/Household Member with a Previous Conviction. Jacobs must also pay fines and court costs. The attorney for Jacobs was Joel Hardy.

Ralph Roy Wallace was sentenced to probation in exchange for a guilty plea in his case. Wallace pled guilty to Driving While Intoxicated, 3rd or More. Wallace must spend 5 days in the county jail, pay fines and court costs, and complete 250 hours of community service. The attorney for Wallace was Michelle Latray.


In the case against Dustin Bresko, Matthew Cowan, Brandon Monk, and Christian Negron, all charged with Misuse of Official Information, is delayed pending a plea offer to be made by Knight and special prosecutor Alicia O’Neil. All four men are former Leon County Deputies and each have their own attorneys. All are currently free on bail awaiting final outcome of the case.

Anthony Dawon Robinson appeared in court on a charge of Burglary of a Building. The attorney for Robinson, Joel Hardy, said that a plea offer from the state has been made but rejected by Robinson.

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Commissioners Tackle Agenda

Leon County Commissioners met Monday, June 11th, for their first regular meeting of the month. All four commissioners were present. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided.

The court held a discussion concerning the proposed 2018 Leon County Appraisal District operation budget. Commissioner Dean Stanford recommended that the item be tabled until more study and input could be gathered for the operation budget. The court voted to table the item.

Judge Ryder commented on the fact that the value of property has been increasing and so taxes are increasing. “Funding from the state has been reduced, and that is forcing local authorities to come up with the deficit. I am saying people should not blame the county or the city or the school for the increase in our taxes. What it amounts to is an indirect income tax. It’s happening, and it is going to get worse.”

Approval was voted to appoint the Tax Assessor / Collector to calculate the effective and rollback tax rate for the tax year 2018.

A request was heard from Emergency Management to use their truck in the 4th of July Parade to promote Emergency Management and Disaster Readiness. The court took no action on use of the truck in the parade, but did favor the tent and banners that will be placed on the square with information about Emergency Management and Disaster Readiness during the celebration of the 4th of July.

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More Teachers Added to BISD

Buffalo ISD Trustees met Monday, June 11th, for a Special Called Meeting. All trustees were present except Trustees Randy Ayers and Monty McGill. President Jack Helmcamp presided over the brief agenda.

After a 40 minutes executive session, the board reconvened in an open session and voted to approve 7 individuals to serve as teachers for 2018 – 2019. The individuals hired were Heather Courmier, James Ehlert, Amanda Fletcher, Amanda Hardy, Paul Heintze, Aubrey Jackson, and Kim Stutz.

The board also approved a measure to give BISD Superintendent Lacy Freeman the authority to hire additional teachers for the upcoming new year beginning June 1st until August 15th. At this time, Freeman said, there are still 7 more positions that he is needing to fill before the new year is underway.

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